Trade fair presentation: huge success for ENGEL

Image: exhibition stand of ENGEL; copyright: KECK GmbH


"Industry 4.0", the main theme of the leading international trade fair K 2016, was particularly on display at the ENGEL trade fair stand. KECK architecturally implemented the networking of the technology: the entire trade fair stand was designed to resemble a "smart factory".

The three trapezoidal converging frames symbolised the networking of the different segments with several components. They formed the heart of the presentation – located immediately behind the reception desk, with the central control unit of the "smart factory" and the 2.2 m x 6-metre-high LED screen playing a video clip on the topic of "inject 4.0".

A high level of innovation, a good investment climate and inspired trade fair visitors – for ENGEL AUSTRIA, the K 2016 was a huge success. "inject 4.0", ENGEL’s response to the challenges faced by the 4th industrial revolution, contributed decisively to this success. The company was rewarded for its courage to give ample space to the presentation of the "inject 4.0" products and solutions and, as a result, to show fewer machine exhibits.

The trade fair stand was frequented by visitors throughout the day – significantly more than at the
already well-attended K 2013. However, more important than the sheer number of visitors was the high quality of the conversations, as noted by Dr Christoph Steger, Managing Director of Sales at the ENGEL Group. "During the course of the trade fair, we discussed numerous new projects and took steps towards implementing them. The number of the deals finalised was significantly higher than our already ambitious target," summarised Dr Steger.

Source: KECK GmbH
Image: exhibition stand of ENGEL; copyright: KECK GmbH
Image: exhibition stand of ENGEL; copyright: KECK GmbH