Three Questions for Paolo Monticell, Epta

1. The Epta Group will be presenting one of the largest stands at the trade fair. What kind of stand concept can visitors look forward to?

We believe that high technology products deserve high technology communication media. That’s why our stand will stand out with its deployment of advanced audio/video devices representing unique innovation and a major step forward in communication media.

At the same time, we want our customers to have an interesting and positive experience when they visit our stand. The aim is to ensure they return with a strong sense that their trip fully deserved the time and cost involved.

2. How important is energy management and a green approach to Epta’s trade fair presentation? Are there any specific new technologies on show?

Energy saving products and leadership in natural refrigerant systems have long since been strong arguments helping Epta’s positioning on the market. Today our Innovation Centre –100% focused on new technologies for commercial refrigeration – is investing even more resources in this field and it is not by chance the theme of our participation at EuroShop 2008 is “The Value of Energy”. We want to let visitors discover these areas at the event but we can already give away at this stage that energy management and eco-friendly technologies will be centre stage for the products and services presented.

3. EuroShop is a global trade fair. Does Epta expect new customers to take a special interest in any markets in particular?

Epta is a global player in commercial refrigeration and expects great interest from all markets. Of course, Europe is the main area in which Epta has built and is still developing its strength. Emerging markets like Eastern Europe, the Middle East, South America and Asia are very interesting, too, and Epta is also looking to these markets with special attention.