Three Questions for José Manuel Cebader, YUDIGAR

1. With its presentation next year, HMY Group will be amongst the highlights of EuroShop. Why is EuroShop so extremely important to your company?

EuroShop is amongst the foremost promotional events in the world. It helps us to intensify the contacts to our customers and, at the same time, to introduce them to the latest innovations in connection with our services and products.

2. Which important trends in international shopfitting can you discern at this time? Which products and concepts will be the special focus of your presentation?

The most important trend in our trade focuses on all personal characteristics that differentiate the P.O.S. from its competition.
Visual communication is gaining in importance inside and outside of the shops. The same is true for conceptual aspects and the design of the projects.

3. Your company is active on an international scale and presents itself to a global trade fair audience at EuroShop. Are there certain markets from which you expect particularly large numbers of visitors?