Three Questions for Catherine Sheridan, Managing Director Interlam

Catherine Sheridan,
Managing Director,
Interlam INC., USA

1. Which focal themes can visitors expect to see at your EuroShop 2008 exhibition stand? Will product innovations also be featured?

Our main product is called Art Diffusion. They are 3D MDF panels with many different finishes. Since the last EuroShop Show we have about thirty new patterns many of which we will be displaying. We also have about twenty new finishes And we have added 3 dimensional glass to our product lines. But our brand new product is called 3 Diculous. We are very excited about this new product and it has been a hit in all of the U. S. Shows this year. We are looking forward to unveiling it in Europe.

2. Describe the general trends you currently observe in your industry. Do environmental and energy aspects play a role in this?

The trends in our industry are three fold. Texture, transparency and 3D. I think we have all three in all of our products. Environmental issues are and should be foremost in all of our works. We have sourced many new boards that have enabled us to help the environment, give Leed points to Architects and ease environmental issues in the places that they are installed.

3. How do you rate EuroShop as a marketing tool for you?

EuroShop is one of our most exciting shows. The fact that it is only every three years gives it an anticipation that no other show offers. We look forward to being there, to seeing what is new and to meeting new European customers and seeing old friends. The concept of only doing the Show every three years is awesome. It builds a crescendo of excitement, enables you to spend more money on your booth, and encourages innovations.