The energy-savers

More then ever ecology plays its role in retail. Supermarkets step in as avant-garde in this field. How they save energy and resources, you can read here


Green is "hot"

Source: dti
By now, green products are not only available in small health food shops, but also at discount supermarket chains. Going green is a trendy subject in the food trade. This is also evident in the way stores are being built. Guests are supposed to feel like they are visiting a farmer’s market with all its fresh produce. The building is also meant to be green. Conserving energy and natural construction materials gain importance. Green is "hot" - Green is “hot”- Architecture and store construction for fresh products


Energy-Saving-Supermarket in Austria

Source: Daimler
Supermarkets discover ecology is growing. Wal-Mart is building a large energy-efficient cooling logistic center in Canada, Rewe was rewarded by the trade association HDE for its green supermarket in Berlin with the rating “Shop of the year“ in February and in May, Spar in Austria celebrated the ground breaking of a store, which only uses half the energy of a regular branch. Energy-Saving-Supermarket in Austria - Supermarket Chain Spar builds an Energy-Saving-Supermarket in Austria


"Green IT"

Source: IGEL
Retail is discovering many different ways to conserve energy: New lights, new cooling agents for frozen foods and new architecture. You can also save energy in Information Technology. From the warehouse all the way to the store – computers manage multifaceted processes. Manufacturers claim that Thin Clients could significantly lower energy costs. And they make a good case for this statement. "Green IT" - “Green IT“: Thin Clients lower energy and administration costs