Study: Pet product ecommerce trends

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If the seeming omnipresence of ecommerce innovator Amazon is an indicator of anything, it's that the power and influence of online retailing is not to be underestimated. The nigh limitless scope of products available online through Amazon and other retailers hasn't escaped the notice of one of America's most essential consumer segments—pet owners.

In its recent report, U.S. Pet Market Outlook, 2017-2018, market research firm Packaged Facts dissects the growing competition in the online pet products and services industry's channel; examines the impact ecommerce sales have on traditional brick-and-mortar pet businesses; and analyzes the macro trends in pet products and services that are driving consumers to look beyond PetSmart, Petco, Walmart, and other big-name pet product retailers in their quest to find the very best for their furry and feathered companions.

Free Online Pet Product Shopping Presentation

In conjunction with Pet Market Outlook's release, Packaged Facts has made a related free presentation available to the public. The presentation, Packaged Facts Online Pet Product Shopping - Survey Highlights 2017, is designed to help readers quickly discover which online shopping trends are emerging in the pet products industry landscape.

The presentation discusses:

  • which pet owning consumer demographics are most likely to shop online

  • online purchase trends today versus past years

  • frequency of online shopping for pet products

  • reasons for buying pet products online

Source: Packaged Facts