Special areas at EuroShop 2017


Photo: ECOpark Forum at EuroShop 2014; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/ctillmann

ECOpark 2017 is a special forum for intelligent energy solutions in retailing. The main focus of the exhibitors is on smart concepts that are applied to multiple outlets and take into account the increasing complexity and connectivity of energy systems that incorporate renewable energy sources. Modern air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions are another area of focus. Visit ECOpark in Hall 15.

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Lighting Designers Zone

Photo: Lighting Designers Zone at EuroShop 2014; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

Into the light! The lighting sector booms at EuroShop as never before. Therefore the EuroShop Lighting Designers Zone will focus again on freelance light planners, light designers and of course their products.

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Designers Village

Photo: Designers Village at EuroShop 2014; copyright: ctillmann/Messe Düsseldorf
The EuroShop Designer Village will be presenting itself in 2017 in unprecedented quantity and quality. The area focusses on interior design, with high-quality and future-oriented concepts ranging from efficient standard solutions to international high-end retail design.
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Architects, interior designers and designers – the biggest and most important retail trade fair in the world has much to offer! And it will bring you into a "higher unity".

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POPAI Village

Graphic: POPAI Village 2017; copyright: POPAI
The POPAI Village will be presenting itself in a completely new and branding again in 2017 on 1,200 m2 in a central location in Hall no. 3. 20 exhibitors from 7 countries present all areas of POP marketing on more than 500 sqm of exhibition space. The forum provides daily presentations on marketing@retail. 
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