Special areas

A dimension for itself

Use the flexible framework of the EuroShop concept to present your own forward-looking developments and innovative products. Special attention is guaranteed on our special areas related thematically to the supporting programme.

EuroShop Designers Village 2017

Your international style event for retail architecture and design

The EuroShop Designers Village has to do with interior design, with high-quality and future-oriented concepts ranging from efficient standard solutions to international high-end retail design.
The EuroShop Designers Village is being presented in 2017 in the dimension entitled Shop Fitting and Store Design. The environment couldn‘t be any better – in hall 12, on floorspace of over 1,000 m2, surrounded by renowned specialists.

The EuroShop Designers Village is the ideal presentation forum for architect offices and design studios with a retail focus: high-quality in terms of design and construction of the stands, complex and spacious in the lounge area. 28 international architects and designers will be able to make their mark in 2017 within this exclusive setting. You too. You can look forward to over 100,000 visitors. You can look forward to your successful EuroShop 2017.

Lighting Designers Zone

A focus on lighting specialists

The demand for retail lighting is growing. Continuously. For independent lighting planners and designers, who have specialised in light concepts for the retail industry, there will once again be this exclusive special area situated in an excellent location.

It is important for you to be present for an international audience of specialists
  • who will come to you specifically
  • who would like to gather information with regard to current projects and light-planning opportunities, and
  • who are looking for consultation concerning individual lighting design solutions.


Messe Düsseldorf
Patricia Mechbal 
Phone: (0)211 / 4560 - 587

Karin Wortmann
Phone: (0)211 / 4560 - 523

Omnichannel Area

Attention, start-ups!

What this exclusive special area offers you is: all channels on!

Nowhere else will you get so close to the retail industry with your innovations and solutions:

  • Concentrated exhibiton area with a convenience package for a professional booth.
  • Omnichannel Forum lined up with high profiled speakers to share latest trends and developments.
  • Professional visitors with decision-making authority and interest in Omnichannel Solutions.

Exclusively for you: the Omnichannel Area - Package
  • 1 counter – painted oil drum
  • 2 bar stool
  • 1 socket incl. Consumption (2,3 kW power supply)
  • 1 reusable stenter-framed image as required
  • 1 internet access, wired (special internet solution on request)
  • Flooring
  • Lighting over the roof structure

Additional services:
  • daily stand cleaning
  • 3 exhibitor passes
  • 1 basic entry, in printed and online media
  • One daily presentation slot on the omnichannel Forum , 15 min. (subject to availability)
  • Storage space for personal items
  • Central cafe bistro for you and your guests