Short Interview with the Exhibitor dimedis

dimedis, a company for digital distribution in the media, is an exhibitor at EuroShop 2008 in the framework of the Digital Signage Plaza in hall 5. EuroShop TV spoke to Wilhelm Halling, director of dimedis GmbH in Cologne.

Mr. Halling, what do you expect from the Digital Signage Plaza at the trade fair EuroShop 2008?

I hope that the topic of digital signage will be recognized by a broad audience. At this point in time this is not the case. dimedis thinks of digital signage as being equal to a digital bill, digital information. What has been done in former times with a poster such as advertising for special activities will become more and more digitalised. There exists information on large-format screens with the advantage to be a lot faster, more individual and it is possible to inform depending on the location. It is important to realise that it is not only advertising but also information that can be distributed via digital signage. On top of that I expect from the Digital Signage Plaza to give us a picture about the market meaning "Who is doing what". After having visited hall 5 one should get a feeling for digital signage.

What is the innovation your company is going to present at EuroShop 2008?

Our system is called kompas. The device addresses large networks that work nationwide because kompas can be completely operated via mobile radio. A nationwide project with kiosks that use our device for cigarette advertisments is carried out at the moment. The advantage: There is no need to lay cables. Our device is equipped with a mobile radio adapter that enables us to manage everything very well. We can control via radio what advertisement is supposed to show and also administer the complete systems that way.