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Overview: Shop Fitting & Store Design

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Image: Outside of the market hall in Rotterdam; Copyright: Mörs/iXtenso

A Different Type of Market: The Market Hall in Rotterdam


Rotterdam's "Markthal" (English: Market Hall) is very impressive. During the press event for EuroShop 2017, we visited the building and share our impressions with you.
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Photo: bookstore stories! in Hamburg, Germany; copyright: iXtenso/Günther

Giving books their own special space


Shelves upon shelves and book spines next to book spines – that’s what German bookstores generally look like. Oftentimes, there is not enough room to showcase individual products. Even cleverly placed book tables or book stands and displays can’t change that. That’s why we picked two very special stores that draw the attention to individual books by using a very individual concept.
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Image: TOMS Store ; Copyright: iXtenso/NM

TOMS: When shopping becomes a good deed


At the trendy TOMS store in London’s Carnaby Street, the core elements of customer-centric store design catch your eye – right along with the feel-good factor.
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Photo: overview of the lower floor at Saturn Connect Store in Cologne; copyright: iXtenso/Günther

Hands-on digital lifestyle


The Saturn Connect store in Cologne, Germany, is a hotspot for the digital lifestyle and a nirvana for digital natives. It is only the second store of its kind and was opened in October 2015. Located in the famous Schildergasse, it is within walking distance of the flagship store in Hohe Straße which also supplies the Saturn Connect shop.
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Photo: smartphone docking station; copyright: systec POS-Technology

The little something extra for shopping carts


You are wrong if you think shopping carts are just a means to an end. For retailers, it is more than just a mere service; it is also a calling card and advertisement while it promotes sales and customer loyalty all in one. But that’s also why numerous applications and service functions can be added to shopping carts. We took a closer look at the currently available options.
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adidas store

adidas in London: A flagship store in the digital age


The shoe is the star. The hip sneakers in London’s adidas store are downright being celebrated. Selected items are showcased in an abundance of space. The branding of the label is reflected in every corner. A flagship store like no other. The digital applications show what the future may bring.
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Foto: family with shopping carts in a supermarket; copyright:

The right shopping cart for every customer


Bulky and unwieldy carts are a thing of the past. Although shopping carts are still metal wire baskets on wheels, the number of different types of carts has increased. Shopping carts need to adapt, both to customer needs and the corporate identity of the store.
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Image: Vending machine; Copyright: beta-web/Mörs

Vending machines at the POS


Every supermarket also has small but premium merchandise in its product selection that thieves like to steal. Selling these products through automatic vending machines located behind the checkout area can deliver anti-theft protection.
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Image: Woman in dressing room; Copyright:

The digital renaissance of the dressing room


Today's customer always has his smartphone in hand. Do not miss anything, always be up to date. In order to keep stationary fashion retail a "place-to-go", retailers should go into much detail and meet the wishes and habits of customers with current technologies.
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Image: bottle return, woman in front; Copyright: Wincor Nixdorf International

Bottle return hygiene


It is among the most finicky spots at a supermarket: bottle return centers. If things are dirty and smell bad, both customers and employees are wrinkling their noses. Yet this can be avoided.
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