Retail Technology Village at C-star 2017: the latest retail technology solutions

Photo: Retail Technology Village at C-star; copyright: C-star

One of the impacts brought by the fast-developing technology is that it brings the real world and the digital world more closely together. The impact is so huge on retailing that we are experiencing ever increasing interdependence between physical retail and online retail.

With retail innovations on the rise, various cutting-edge store management systems, POS technology, innovative payment systems, dressing mirrors and other disruptive products are desperately sought after by industry peers.

C-star Retail Technology Village will bring together the most advanced products from big data, cloud technology, artificial intelligence, traffic analysis, mobile payment, logistic services and other innovative solution providers to show you the fineness of scene marketing, big data management, and how big data drives future retailing.

Leading brands such as Lianbai Electronics, Dragon Guard and Nexttao have confirmed the participation.

This year C-star will take place from 04/26/2017 to 04/28/2017.

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Photo: Retail Technology Village at C-star; copyright: C-star