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Overview: Retail Technology

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Pay by using your fingerprint


Mobile payment options with smartphones have not comprehensively made their way into brick-and-mortar stores yet, at least not in Germany. On the other hand, interest in biometric payment systems is growing. Today, many users already unlock their smartphones or laptops using their fingerprint.
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Photo: Senior Marketing Manager Oliver Leheis checks his smartphone; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

Your EuroShop visit: selected topics right to your smartphone!


This year, EuroShop visitors get information in a nutshell thanks to the new free EuroShop app feature. During their trade fair visit, guests receive information via beacons and geofences on just those topics they choose beforehand. In this interview, Oliver Leheis explains how this works.
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How digital signage promotes visual marketing


Until recently, retailers addressed customers at the shop window or point of sale primarily with posters, displays or other eye-catchers. Yet media overload makes it increasingly difficult for these traditional, static advertising formats to assert themselves.
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Photo: Woman using online marketplace at her tablet; © atalanda

An overview of five German local commerce models


E-commerce makes things hard for brick-and-mortar retailers. To improve the customer churn rate, various local commerce approaches have been developed. All of these solutions pursue one common goal: they want to encourage customers to increasingly shop locally without the need to pass up the usual convenience of the internet as an information resource.
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Enticing customers to the POS with geo-fencing


The demand for digital marketing strategies that can also be locally applied is growing. Location-based real-time communication enables retailers to bridge the gap between digital advertising and the offline behavior of their customers. That’s why location-based services such as geo-fencing, for instance, hold great potential for digital marketing strategies.
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Of live chats and artificially intelligent search engines


Man or machine: who would you like to get advice from? That probably depends on the way you are being approached. Whether it is via live chats with real employees or artificially intelligent search functions such as IBM’s Watson. The only thing that’s important here is to answer customer requests as fast and easily as possible.
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Missed opportunities: Challenging online shopping


First, the good news: technically, there should only be winners when it comes to this subject. Providers of accessible websites service the largest possible group of customers and generate the most sales. However, many people need to overcome obstacles in using most websites. This means all parties lose – both the webshop operators and users.
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”Many customers are willing to try online grocery shopping“


Marcel Fuhlmann, CEO and Manager of the Business Unit Platform Online Food Retailing at diva-e Digital Value Enterprise GmbH, explains which criteria successful online grocery stores should meet.
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Testing online stores using responsive design intensely


A lot of development work is needed before an online store can be launched. All store components need to work properly – and with all end devices. This requires extensive tests. These days, developers are able to outsource this testing to the crowd. Michel Sperlich, Managing Director of the agency, explains the principles of crowdtesting for online shops.
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EuroCIS 2016 shows the dynamic technological development in retail


EuroCIS in Düsseldorf shows all aspects of retail technology and presents the whole retail expertise of the IT industry. We have looked at what innovations from the different subject areas are shown at EuroCIS 2016 and compiled a selection of interesting products and solutions for you.
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