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When one of the world’s largest retailers challenges P&H to engineer a wheel that is resistant to the #1 reason for wheel replacement–we get rolling!

Our Challenge

Our field studies and long term knowledge of the industry told us that:

  • Flat Spotting and premature wear is the number one cause of wheel replacement

  • 70% of shopping cart maintenance is wheel replacements

  • Wheel replacement is overall the highest cost in cart maintenance programs

Not only were we challenged to develop a new product that would actually eliminate flatspotting, we also needed to be able to do it cost effectively.

Our Solution

P&H developed a unique compound using natural rubber combined with other polymers selected for the desired characteristics. We also had to re-engineer the profile of this wheel to fully take advantage of the properties of this new material. After extensive in-house testing, we knew we were ready to place the wheel in service in the field to test its potential in the field. We installed the product in several 24 hour retail store operations, where it underwent months of monitoring.

Our Results

Our results were overwhelmingly successful—the new wheel not only was the most flatspot resistant wheel on the market–it also had an average lifespan equal to 3 times what an ordinary premium shopping cart wheel has. - Since launching this new wheel full scale in 2012, a 68% reduction in maintenance service has been achieved!

These wheels were flatspot resistant, long lasting and durable—AND they were also incredibly, incredibly– QUIET.

We call our product the SuperWheel.

Our customer calls it their FutureWheel.