New Sigurec intelligent waste disposal stations

Image: People in front of a building; copyright: Carrefour


Carrefour Taiwan inaugurated Sigurec, the first intelligent waste disposal stations in collaboration with Tainan city government in An Ping store on 3rd of January.

The set up of the convenient recycle station enable the citizens' willingness and further reduce the waste. Carrefour, as one of Tainan citizens, is happy to offer the space and discount coupon to encourage the recycle doing for a better environment in the future.

People who collect over 3 bottles to Sigurec will be rewarded with 1 Dollar discount coupon valid in Carrefour. Sigurec is expected to collect over 60 ton of PET bottles, 12 tons of aluminium cans, 300 tons of iron, 720 tons of paper, 6 tons of battery and electronic equipment waste in one year.

Source: Carrefour