Macy’s Beauty Department relies on pop up displays

Image: pop up displays at Macy’s Beauty Department; copyright: Kendu


Macy’s worked with Kendu to re-design the Beauty Department in their Dadeland Mall store in Miami, Florida. The aim was to establish new commercial areas in previously unused spaces and a develop a clear look & feel for the in-store visual communication.

Kendu designed and manufactured a series of L-shaped, self-standing metal structures to create branded pop ups in the Beauty Department. These would showcase important Macy’s brands such as Dior and Estee Lauder.

Image: pop up displays at Macy’s Beauty Department; copyright: Kendu

The pop ups use a powerful combination of visual communication with real products to cultivate an improved shopping experience. It was essential for Macy’s that the design also had the flexibility to change the product displays and visuals. Maximum versatility was achieved thanks to Kendu’s magnetic accessories which can be effortlessly re-arranged. Additionally, the acrylic accessories can be reproduced in variety of colours allowing flexibility for future campaign while maintaining consistency throughout the department.

The pop ups utilise a “mini-mall” concept with brands establishing their own “boutiques” on the shop floor. The “boutiques” turn the previously unused space into a distinctive zone with each brand establishing its own identity via colour, visuals and lighting. The overall “shopability” is enhanced by providing an independent shopping space that is easy to access and fun to explore. The L-shape allows an easy customer flow while the combination of LED lightboxes and textile displays draw the attention of customers walking by.

Image: pop up displays at Macy’s Beauty Department; copyright: Kendu

The shop floor space is now optimised and the new communication creates a more intimate experience for the Macy’s customer. The Department store was able to re-establish itself as a beauty mecca in Florida while implementing the new vision of the brand. By producing all of the elements from the design to manufacturing to installation with Kendu, Macy’s was able to ensure consistency in colour quality, production, project management and logistics.

Source: Kendu