International Mannequin-Trends 2014

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Mannequins are one of the most important decorative elements in shop windows and stores. Since offers are numerous the search for a suitable model can be difficult. Therefore, we asked some of the most successful mannequin manufacturer all over the world on current trends and top sellers.

James Chiao, President CNL Mannequins

Californien, USA

"The trends for new mannequin design in the USA lie in finishes. Translucent finishes are very popular now and are still growing. Translucent mannequins, especially with color, luminously glow and stand apart from a traditional white mannequin. Abstract and semi-abstract styles, as opposed to the realistic styles, are still trending right now. Many companies are interested in subtle facial features, with just a suggestion of a face. Active poses like running, jumping, specific sports, yoga, and so on are also very popular, as there is a strong highlight on promoting a healthy and active lifestyle."

USA Mannequin-Trends

Image: Mannequin made of metal; Copyright: CNL Mannequins
Image: Lieing and standing mannequins, wearing beach fashion; Copyright: CNL Mannequins
Image: Black mannequin with golden hands; Copyright: CNL Mannequins

Professor Dorman Lee from A2 Mannequin

Hong Kong, China

"I think the mannequin cannot just be simple and classic any more today ̶ especially the make-up style should not be. Actually, realistic mannequins with make-up are less popular in the visual display field then ten years ago. This is because the make up for mannequins is seasonal. And fashion stores use the mannequins as window displays for a couple of years. In other words, it does not make sense to put the same make up on realistic mannequins over several different seasons. Thus, the relatively abstract mannequins are more popular in the current window display market. Most existing abstract style mannequins have exaggerated human features. Their body figure is slim and tall. That is why we, A2 Mannequin, are developing a new collection of LYNN. The collection of this style of mannequins is special and unique, especially because of the design of high heeled shoes with a high front platform. For this collection, we have developed seven different mannequins, whose body posture is relatively exaggerated."

China: Mannequin-Trends

Image: Sitting mannequin; Copyright: A2 Mannequin
Image: Mannequin wearing a black evening gown; Copyright: A2 Mannequin
Image: Streching mannequin; Copyright: A2 Mannequin

Vasileios Papadopoulos from Angelina-Periergon, Mannequins - Shopfitting

Athens, Greece

"For the Greek market, the trend as always is to follow the western European market, so we are now introducing some mannequins with fiber (textile) coverings. Basically they look more luxurious than the normal window mannequins. Also, since the fiber covers the body, you have the possibility to combine colors, which is a novelty. Until now, mannequins mostly were in one color and with this fiber cover, you can have a two-color combination. Also, very popular are our Flexible Museum Mannequins, which are widely used in Museums, Theaters, Art Exhibitions, Retail Shops, etc. These Flexible Museum Mannequins are unique because you can bend them or put them in any position you wish, offering limitless possibilities for creativity. Especially in Greece, where we have a lot of Museums, this product range is really selling a lot."

Greece: Mannequin-Trends

Image: Mannequin with wooden arms; Copyright: Angelina-Periergon
Image: White mannequin; Copyright: Angelina-Periergon

Author: Natascha Mörs; EuroShop
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