The Forums of EuroShop

Communication and business platform

EuroShop is once again offering an extensive educational program presenting a wide variety of talks and discussions which will be held at seven different stages on the fairgrounds. Attendance is free for EuroShop visitors, so don't miss our experts discussing all the important trends and topics of the show.

EuroCIS Forum

The Forum presents developments, innovations and trends in retail technology by means of current case studies. Topics include mobile solutions, recent developments in self-checkout and -scanning, trends in big data and analytics, RFID, payment and security technology. Exhibitors can also apply for a 15-minute slot during the EuroCIS Forum "Innovation Hour".

Cetin Acar,


This Forum focuses on questions related to success strategies, challenges and opportunities of new technologies related to digital and traditional distribution channels. Topics here could include the transition from multichannel to omnichannel, cross-channel consumer behaviour and the integration of mobile devices in distribution systems.

Christoph Langenberg,

ECOForum/ ECOPark

The ECOpark is an exclusive space for energy-efficient retailer solutions. Key element of the ECOpark is the ECOpark Forum, which offers a space for professional and innovative technical contributions and exchanges of knowledge.

Benjamin Chini,

Forum Architecture & Design

The Forum Architecture and Design is the main seminar theatre for all topics related to store design, lighting, store fixturing and visual merchandising.

Angelika Simko,



POPAI Forum with free presentations and discussions on all day on the subjekt POS Marketing. Topics include Shopper Marketing, Retail Technology, Shopper Behavior, Multichannel, Trends and Innovation.

Petra Zientek,

Expo + Event Forum

The Expo + Event Forum aims to create an added value for the customers of this sector.
For this purpose professionals from industry will provide a programme containing lectures, best case studies and discussions from a broad field of latest topics.

Famab: Jan Kalbfleisch,
IFES: Uta Goretzky,
m+a: Christiane Appel,