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Overview: Energy Management

Image: Refrigerated Cabinet; Copyright: Frost-trol

Retail refrigeration equipment: What the market has to offer


Sustainable, practical and elegant – refrigeration devices no longer need to be big bulky energy hogs. They can be integrated into the store design and make it easier for customers to select foods thanks to a clearly laid out and easy-to-open design. We are introducing you to some cutting-edge models.
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copyright: IKKU

Cooling with liquid ice


The use of ice in food retail already enjoys a long tradition. Today, the cooled mass, and more accurately slurry ice, experiences somewhat of a renaissance in cooling technology. The reason for this is also the F-gas Regulation that went into effect in January 2015 and restricts or fully bans the use of hazardous refrigerants.
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Image: Customers standing infront of a counter; Copyright: beta-web/Schmitz

Shopping experience with culinary treats


Eating out, especially during a shopping trip, is increasingly something customers like to do. Regardless of whether this is just snacks in between or replacing a main meal – this offers retailers who also rely on gastronomy concepts a big chance to increase their sales.
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Image: Packaging of a pizza by pacoon; Copyright: pacoon AG

"You don’t have to be instantly 100 percent green"


German retailers are scaredy cats – at least when it pertains to sustainable packaging concepts. The fact that they could save up to 20 percent in costs by using them and that they are passing up an immense image improvement, barely seems to lessen this fear. Peter Désilets from pacoon AG took the time to visit us in our editorial office to talk about the reasons for this reluctance.
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Image: French supermarket; Copyright:

French supermarkets are no longer allowed to throw away unsold food


Ambitious goals: The French government is aiming to reduce waste of food by 50 percent until 2025. This is why supermarkets are no longer allowed to just throw away unsold food. The retailers themselves are criticizing that a new law affects the wrong party.
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Image: Smiling man with short hair; Copyright: KMLS GmbH

"A retail business should be understood like a living organism"


Four years ago, two bachelors of business management Pablo Theux and Alpaslan Yildirim decided to become service providers with the KMLS GmbH Company, specializing in technology and energy efficiency in retail. Even today, the need for consultation is often still great. In this interview, Pablo Theux explains what retailers can do in their own stores in terms of energy optimization.
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Image: Cooling rack; Copyright: Unternehmensgruppe ALDI SÜD

"Environmental management starts with investment and ends with the disassembly"


Recently, the ALDI SÜD group has equipped its 300th store with refrigeration systems for cooling racks that are run with the carbon neutral refrigerant CO2. In this interview, Agnes Schmitter, Director of Cooling Technology at ALDI SÜD, talks about comprehensive energy management in food retailing and the use of intelligent cooling control systems.
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Image: Goods shelf full with fruits and vegetables; Copyright: / mehmetcan

Investing to save money


Increasing energy efficiency is and remains a major factor in retail. After all, you are not just able to save costs in this area, but also improve your image. Sustainability is very important to the modern consumer and no retailer can afford to ignore this subject.
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