EHI to present Special Show "Services@Retail"

Preview of the first “Food Hotel”

Shoppers are centre stage – and it is in line with this principle that retailers develop their store concepts. Now the service sector is increasingly tapping into these concepts of modern retailing capitalising on classic retail ideas.

The EHI Retail Institute will present the Special Show Services@Retail at Euroshop, the global No. 1 trade fair for retail investment and its partners held in Düsseldorf from 23 to 27 February 2008. Joining forces with partner companies the EHI will demonstrate here how well classic retail store concepts work, also for winning over customers in the services sector. To that end EHI has asked Norisbank, in a partnership with the design firm Schwitzke & Partner, to present its latest project. It will be shown how many elements of classic retail place the customer in the centre and can give a branch of a bank a lounge character, entirely geared to Norisbank’s young target group.

The customer also takes centre stage in the TUI travel agency, in which he can move freely and is diverted by an attractive shop design, should he have to wait until an employee can help him. The TUI shops are strictly designed according to the principle ‘separation of working and advice space’. In the (almost) real running business you can find out about the latest versions of the TUI travel centres.

The Unisex hairdressers’ offer another example of modern retailing. Unisex has already implemented its successful concept in more than 70 branches in Germany. This comprises purposeful marketing directed at young people and an appropriate shop layout, of which the in-store TV – installed by the firm Cittadino – is as much part as the in-house developed shelves for the care products. You can have your hair done at the special exhibit or just let yourselves become fascinated by one of the daily styling shows.

A further example of a modern retailing experience can be found in Europe’s very first food hotel. The Federal Technical College for Food Retailing is building this extravagant and target-group oriented hotel in Neuwied. In cooperation with the Cologne shopfitting company Hansa Kontor, you will find in our special show also a room with a design that is specifically tuned to the food retail branch. You’ll certainly be in for a surprise!

Subsequently you can relax in the lounge, treat yourself to the ideas around freshness of our sponsor Tengelmann and get acquainted with the world of retail.

EHI has, by the way, hired a very special assistant on the stand. Our charming colleague Scitos A5 from Metralabs, in real life a service robot in the Toom DIY store, will be happy to accompany the visitors to the exhibits or invite them for a cup of coffee.

All event times for raffles, Happy Hours, hair-styling shows etc. will soon be available on the EHI website at www.ehi.org or announced at the Exhibition Centre itself.

EuroShop 2008 will welcome trade visitors to Halls 3–17 (excluding Hall 8) of the Düsseldorf Trade Fair Center daily between 10am and 6pm from Saturday, 23 February to Wednesday, 27 February 2008. One-day tickets will cost EUR 40 (EUR 28 plus postage if purchased online in advance), while two-day tickets will sell for EUR 60 (EUR 45 online in advance). Five-day tickets will be available for EUR 110 (EUR 90 online in advance). Students and trainees will be admitted for EUR 15. Admission tickets entitle holders to travel free of charge to and from the fair on public transport services within the Rhine-Ruhr and Rhine-Sieg Regional Transport Networks (VRR and VRS).