ECOpark Forum 03/08/2017

Hall 15 / Stand E24

"Smart New Energy World" - Opportunities and challenges for retailers and energy-efficient solutions in refrigeration and air conditioning




11:00-11:30 am

The Act on the Digitisation of the Energy Transition – Opportunities for energy management in retailing

Joachim Lang, Discovergy

Photo: Joachim Lang

11:30-12:00 am

Smart retail stores – What is already possible today

Martin Wenzel, Hörburger

Photo: Martin Wenzel

12:00-12:30 am

Energy optimisation of retail buildings with the help of big data: a case study

Carsten Kreutze, Recogizer Group

Photo: Carsten Kreutze

12:30-1:00 pm

Die Verbindung von Energiemanagement, Smart Services und Automatisierung

Über Energiemanagementsysteme für filialisierende Unternehmen muss man nicht mehr lange diskutieren. Die Konzepte sind im Wesentlichen ausgereift und bieten nahezu gleichen Nutzen. Wo also geht die Reise hin? Die Mangelberger Elektrotechnik GmbH hat mit dem Einstieg in die Robotertechnologie eine ganze Reihe an Antworten gefunden. Geschäftsführer Jürgen Mangelberger zeigt in seinem Vortrag auf, dass die Integration von Filial- und Energiemanagementsystem, Engineering sowie Schaltanlagenbau in eine durchgängige Datenlandschaft kein einmaliges Projekt ist, sondern die Basis für die Entwicklung intelligenter und energieeffizienter Gebäudetechnik. Stichwort Smart Energy Management: dank transparentem Datenaustausch erfolgt nach der Datenanalyse automatisch die Optimierung. Stichwort Smart Maintenance: die robotergestützte Konfiguration und Bestückung von Schaltanlagen schafft die Grundlage für eine umfassende Diagnose bis hinein in den Schaltschrank oder in die Regelung. Stichwort Big Data: hochperformante Datenbanken ermöglichen die sekundenschnelle Analyse von Mess- und Regeldaten, Fertigungsdaten und Verschleißinformationen sowie die Rückmeldung von Wartungs- und Optimierungsvorschlägen.

Jürgen Mangelberger, Mangelberger Elektrotechnik GmbH

Photo: Jürgen Mangelberger

2:00-2:30 pm

Refrigeration fans today and tomorrow – ECOdesign change the product world in Europe

Andreas Mokhlis, Ziehl Abbegg

Photo: Andreas Mokhlis

2:30-3:00 pm

Energy efficiency in transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems

Kim Christensen, Hillphoenix

Photo: Kim Christensen

3:00-3:30 pm

Integration of the hidden refrigeration capacity as heat pump in smart energy systems

Discover the potentials of extending the traditional supermarket refrigeration systems to a wider energy context consisting of flexibility enabled electrical and thermal networks. Supermarket systems can become decentral heat producers and export heat to available thermal networks beyond the normal waste heat recovery by utilizing present 70% stand-still capacity in the systems. This capacity can further be utilized to help balance the production/load on the electricity grid by an efficient conversion from electricity to heat, when the production from renewable sources like e.g. wind surpass the immediate consumption. Investigations are based on real supermarket cases and technology choices in the aspect of low GWP refrigerants are evaluated. Barriers like electricity prices versus system COP and framing conditions like Thermal network temperature lift is evaluated and a method of optimizing is suggested.

Torben Funder-Kristensen, Danfoss

Photo: Torben Funder-Kristensen

3:30-4:00 pm

Opportunities from rethinking refrigeration system architecture in retail

This presentation looks at a cooperation between Emerson and a supermarket chain where both companies worked together to understand what is the best refrigeration system option for a 2000m² supermarket. Various system architectures (centralized system, condensing unit, integrated display cases) are assessed from the view of the supermarket chain, in terms of energy efficiency, investment cost, and other operating criteria that eventually even impact overall business performance.

4:00-4:30 pm

Adiabatic CO2 gas coolers – Smart efficiency (also) in hotter climates

This lecture explains the advantages of adiabatic air pre-cooling applied to gas coolers for transcritical CO2 (supermarket) plants. Based on a practical example, the participants will be introduced to smart control functions ensuring lowest operating costs. What’s more, the different connection options of the Controller to superordinate BMS will briefly be presented.

Michael Freiherr, Güntner

Photo: Michael Freiherr

4:30-5:00 pm

Transcritical CO2 condensing unit driven by DC inverter technology for small format stores

Carel is promoting a new solution for CO2 condensing unit with DC inverter compressors in order to accelerate the introduction of carbon dioxide in this segment and to comply with the main regulations addressed to the low ambient impact both direct using low GWP refrigerants and indirect focusing on high energy efficiency systems. This speech informs about the results achievable with this control solution and its adaptability even in warm climates.

Nicola Pieretti, Carel

Photo: Nicola Pieretti

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