AB Orwak


A smart option for the dynamic and innovative baler range ORWAK POWER
We are happy to present Orwak Connect, a modem-based communication service enabling the baler to send a message for full bale or if the machine requires maintenance. Furthermore, the service offers great supervising opportunities! In the Orwak Connect web portal it is easy for the customer to monitor the fleet of balers and to gather bale statistics for a specific period of time. A premium option that will be released later this year is a built-in scale for collecting and viewing bale weight data in the portal.

Benefit more from the baler with Orwak Connect
The service provides numerous advantages for WMCs, recyclers, retail chains, logistic centers and customers in many more market segments: 

+ To stay in control when monitoring the exact bale production from the fleet of balers
+ Optimal logistics when planning  the bale collection routes efficiently
+ Uninterrupted use as the caretaker gets notified immediately when a machine needs attention
+ Productive use of time as there is no need to check on balers spread out in a large area on routine, only when notified

M2M communication is undeniably playing an increasingly important role in society and Orwak Connect contributes to connecting resources for the future!         

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