Article: The Scitos A5 from Metralabs

Scitos A5 is the name of a service robot from Metralabs in Illemnau, Germany. Looking like a Ludo game pawn, Scitos helps customers in hardware stores. Scitos can take charge of tasks like welcoming, informing and guiding customers – duties that often occupy the precious time of employees.


Scitos is a real eyecatcher and thus the perfect advertising medium, causing a wow whereever he appears. Scitos is 1,50 meters (about five feet) high, weighs in at 75kg, has a low-maintenance drive train at its disposal and can move about for up to twelve hours without having to recharge. Thanks to integrated Intel technology, Scitos can easily be connected to excisting networks and be fed with data wirelessly.

According to Metralabs, Scitos is able to answer between eighty and ninety percent of customer inquiries as well as guide customers to the requested products. The pilot phase in a hardware store in Erfurt, Saxony has been very successful, says Johannes Trabert, an engineer at Metralabs and one of Scitos' intellectual fathers. "Because of its cute looks customers apporached the robot with interest and without reluctance", tells Trabert. He can also understand the anxiety of many who fear to lose their jobs because of Scitos: "Of course, many people always relate robots to the immense reduction of staff in automotive engineering. However, I believe that Scitos' scope of duties is limited. The robot rather helps employees as he takes over tasks that are often bothersome to them", explains Trabert. He also sees a wide range of tasks for the Scitos A5, such as deployment in supermarkets and on fairs.

With any luck you can meet Scitos throughout one of its trips through various halls at EuroShop. And of course you can gather more information about service robots at the stand of Metralabs in hall 13.