Article: Talking to UniVideo

Attending EuroShop since 1984, and still no lack of innovation – that's the UniVideo corporation for audio-visual media at the Point of Sale. UniVideo develops and sells media technology in the area of merchandising, training and event functions.


A software by UniVideo that is professional, individually applicable and also easy to handle is prepared to become a reliable and flexible partner in the field of digital signage projects. Hardware stores, supermarkets, airports and museums are Points of Sale and Interest where one might soon see and hear from UniVideo.

Bodo Berscheid, general manager at UniVideo and an experienced EuroShop exhibitor, is really looking forward to the coming days. As do many exhibitors on this year’s Eurshop, Mr. Berscheid also sees a coming boom in the sector of Digital Signage. As hardware is becoming more and more available at lower prices, and with the internet providing up-to-dateness as well as a wide range of opportunities, many markets stand open for Digital Signage. "You can find everything you want really up-to-date and fast on the internet these days", says Mr. Berscheid. Linked to flexible software solutions and affordable, technically advanced hardware, Digital Signage is the concept of the future.

UniVideo sees the EuroShop as an excellent platform to present its marketing concepts and services. The experience of past decades gives reason for optimism. Mr. Berscheid has high hopes for this year's exhibition and is looking forward to socializing with and presenting his ideas to a broad aucience. We are looking forward to the next 24 years together at EuroShop!