Article: Keeping stand construction simple

A current trend in trade fair construction without doubt goes towards easily manageable concepts and sytems. The MBI Messebau company has recognized this trend and is trying to incorporate it into its flexible presentation system called 'Skalar'.


Visiting EuroShop for the third time in a row, MBI is happy to present another innovation.

"Our system is very easy to handle - it consists of three parts only but amazes with an exciting and diversified design", says general manager Coleman Kernatsch. As a matter of fact, one only needs three parts to set up the system – a sight rail, the respective wall unit and an Allen key. The height and width as well as colors are variable and leave room for creativity while still keeping it simple. Kernatsch reckons that the market for mobile exhibiton systems will rapidly grow in years to come. Nevertheless, simple systems have to be well-rounded, attractive and therefore persuasive.

Mr. Kernatsch is looking forward to welcoming further visitors at his stand in Hall 10: "We are exhibiting at the EuroShop for the fourth time now and have always had a great time here - I am confident the following days will offer a special experience as well!"