Article: Floor advertising makes its mark at EuroSales

Floor advertising has come a long way since the early days of window displays. Floors and other surfaces are utilised as an advertising medium in order to promote brands. This is done by advertisers putting their logos literally in the aisles to influence consumers’ decisions as they look over their choices. Brightly colored logos are screened or projected on the flooring in order to grab the consumer’s attention.


How it works is quite simple: Ads are placed in the aisle in front of the product display. Its main goal is branding. The innovation comes through exchangeable floor advertising and keeping the customer experience 'clean'. Not only is the floor eye-catching through projected brands, but it also acts as a professional doormat - keeping the floor clean of dust and moisture. ”The first contact with your customer is when you have to make a good impression,” says Mario van Stijn, General Manager of FWI. This not only reinforces the brand but also represents it in its intended context. The big challenge will be to unify the different advertising possibilities into one concise whole.

The good news is that floor advertising does not only lend itself to the shop environment. "Communicating from the floor can also be done in a completely different way which reaches a new target market", says van Stijn. "We not only cover retail but also trade shows and showrooms, which is beyond the normal shop-in-shop solutions."

Floor and surface ads are becoming part of the traditional media mix and need to be tied into traditional media campaigns. New possibilities have risen due to growing innovations like large LCD screens positioned in floors. Examples of this can be seen at the FWI stand in hall 3, stand D72.

Floor advertising is here to stay. It is an area that has shown a lot of innovation over the last few years. Other innovations and opportunities can be explored live at the Euroshop 2008.