Article: Edit Szilvasy from Karton-Art

The Hungarian company Karton-Art is presenting itself for the first time at EuroShop 2008. Their goal: Making the fair stand construction more eco-friendly. To build an exhibition stand that serves all exhibtion needs, has an attractive design and is highly friendly to the environment - Karton-Art can square this circle!


Since 1995 Karton-Art is designing and building fair stands and furniture from recycled cardboard. The furniture is extremely robust, good-looking and at the same time helps to protect the environment.

Karton-Art aims to 'save the planet with style'. "We are making high quality from low value", explains an enthusiastic Edit Szilvasky. The furniture includes everything one might need during the course of a fair. The buildup and teardown phase is easy to handle, the segments of the furniture are flexible and can be reused up to a hundred times. "It is always funny to see how long it takes some exhibitors to end the construction phase - we at Karton-Art handle this in a lot less time", says Edit Szilvasky not without pride. Nevertheless, time will be a rare good for the Karton-Art team in the coming days – their stand is a real eyecatcher and attracts great interest.

Karton-Art is happy to spread the idea of environmentally friendly fair stand construction around the world. What is possible at big events in Hungary already today is meant to inspire visitors from all over the globe.