Article: Digital Signage from Switzerland

Swiss companies are more and more discovering Digital Signage and the conceptual possibilities behind it. Crystal Display Electronics is a Europe-wide supplier of Digital Signage systems. 22.000 units were sold last year, with export numbers likely to increase.


Crystal Display Electronics aims to satisfy the increasing demand for Digital Signage solutions with a variety of high-resolution mediaplayers. The Swiss believe the so-called stand-alone units to be a promising hardware solution.

"Stand-alone units have much more potential than cross-linked appliances. Equipped with memory cards, the manual maintenance and updating is much more cost-effective", says CEO Christian Albrecht. Also, the license fees for software and maintenance make cross-linked systems more expensive. Another point of attention mentioned by Mr. Albrecht refers to the systems reliability. Although there are no Europe-wide, reliable records in this area yet, Mr. Albrecht assumes the failure rate with networked systems to be as high as 10%. Stand-alone units on the other hand are much more dependable.

Christian Albrecht and his team are aiming to carry the idea of individually applicable mediaplayers beyond the Swiss borders. During past EuroShop exhibitions, many fruitful and enduring business contacts were established - Crystal Display Electronics hopes to get equal results from EuroShop 2008.