Article: Designer Village

An open space of communication for architects and planners who want to present their visions – that is the "Designer village" special exhibition in hall 12.


The Designer Village was conceived by the students of "Hochschule Coburg". Architecture student Frank Lars Wehner has been guiding the project as his university exam. The Designer Village 2008 is the second iteration. The original concept was already seen at the last Euroshop fair trade. "Back then, we only had ten participants, but those were really satisfied. The result was that we already had inquiries for this year's Designer Village before the special exhibition had even been officialy planned. Thus, the numbers of participants as well as the dimensions of the area have been doubled", says Wehner.

The name says it all: The stands of the Designer Village are overdimensional shop windows which every participant has designed to his own liking. Small alleys find their way between windows; a lounge area represents the market place of the village. However, reality shows that communication does not only take place on this market place but moreso all around the shop windows. No wonder: There are no walls whatsoever. Instead, white lines on the floor separate the stands. The minimalistic design of the special exhibition area puts the focus on the participant's stands. Thus, the many different approaches of the participants can be seen at first glance. Germans tend to design in a rather plain way; guests from other countries often put their focus on color. One example is the Danish company Brugger & Nielsen. "We are convinced that the trend goes to working with more color. We focus on designing with diverse color shades and textures", says Managing Director Arne Nielsen.