Article: A shining future for LEDs

"The technology to light retail furniture with LEDs is already available today and the advantages are numerous", says Heinz Tobler, director for European sales at Nualight from Ireland.


Nualight is a lightning company that has specialised in lighting for retail furniture of any kind.

Digital lighting, based on light-emitting diodes (LEDs), offers multiple performance benefits. By substituting environmentally-unfriendly fluorescent with digital lighting, lighting ambience can be greatly improved and energy consumption is reduced at the same time. The secret to the outstanding energy performance of LEDs lies in the lower electricity consumption of LEDs themself and the lower heat emitted to the environment. The latter often leads to significant energy savings, especially in cooling an refrigerating furniture. Nualight is already very active on the American market and has successfully reduced the energy consumption of a whole supermarket chain.

Mr. Tobler outlines that many countries around the world, such as Australia and Ireland, already have strict standards prohibiting the purchase of conventional lighting in order to support LEDs. Tobler is convinced: "LEDs are a niche in the market today but will become a fast growing segment of the lighting industry in the near future." And besides the environmental aspects, LEDs are also much mure enduring than fluorescent lamps: "We guarantee a lifespan of up to thirteen years - conventional lights have to be replaced every twelve months", says Tobler. "Three years from now, LEDs will be the dominant topic at EuroShop", he adds.