Air-Lounge by EuroShop & AirClad

Enjoy and relax in Hall 5 / E42

"Slow down and be seated on Air, refresh and have a snooze around" – that is the motto of the Air-Lounge at EuroShop 2017. The special "inflatable" event space is organized by EuroShop and the manufacturer AirClad. And now, beverage producers Freixenet and Barefoot Wine are also utilizing the fast architecture of the future and complete the AIR–Lounge with two inflatable bar areas. Unwind your mind for a moment and savor a free glass of sparkling wine or wine.

Enjoy and relax with a refreshing beverage at the Air-Lounge (Hall 5 / E42) and get inspired by the Architecture of the Future.

Thanks to our generous sponsors!

PS: Here you will find a little insight what to expect from AIR-Lounge.


Producing more than 200 million bottles per year and exporting to nearly 150 countries, Freixenet is Spain’s largest beverage exporter and the global market leader among sparkling wine producers using the "Metódo Tradicional" or Traditional Method.

The Freixenet success story begins at its headquarters in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, a small town near Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain. Freixenet’s roots run deep in this town, which is home to 95 percent of Spain’s total Cava production. To this day, the predominant part of Freixenet’s Cavas and wines are produced right here. In addition to its headquarters, Freixenet also has branches in 13 cities in Spain and 20 countries around the world. The Mainz-based German Freixenet GmbH is the largest subsidiary of the Group.

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Barefoot Wine is from California – the Sunshine State. The Wines are delicious: varietally correct and fruit forward. On the one side they stand for "easy drinking" with the foot on the label: that´s Californian lifestyle. On the other side Barefoot Wines got many awards and accolades from wine competitions from around the world. In Germany they won with the Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon a tasting with 90 different Cabs (Wein+Markt; December 2016). Barefoot Wine supports many charities and non-profits (e.g. in Germany Viva Con Aqua and the Surfrider Foundation). Our chorus is: "We make the world better through Barefoot Wine!"

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