Foto: Constanze Tillmann / Messe Düsseldorf

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Overview: 3 Questions to ...

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Photo: Tom van Soest; copyright: Visual Retailing

... Tom van Soest, Visual Retailing BV


Visual merchandising processes are not that easy to plan. A better in-store cus-tomer experience can be achieved through automated planograms that lead to a better sell-through. Tom van Soest explains in the short interview how to create a consistent brand identity with digital mock-ups.
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Photo: Michael Ostertag-Henning

... Michael Ostertag-Henning, Schmidhuber Brand Experience


Hasty campaigns to promote brand appearance are the biggest pitfall for companies, says Michael Ostertag-Henning. In this short interview, he explains what really matters.
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Photo: Simon Damböck

... Simon Damböck, atelier damböck


The brand takes top priority: trade show booths of today look differently than they did even just a few short years ago. In this interview, Simon Damböck, Managing Director of the trade fair construction company atelier damböck talks about this fact and more.
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Photo: Paul Davie

... Paul Davie, SI Retail


Paul Davie talks about the role the Chinese market plays for shopfitting and looks forward to the Chinese C-star exhibition in May 2016 where SI retail is going to present its products and services to engage with a wide range of exhibitors and visitors.
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Photo: Dr. Bernhardt Blüthner

... Dr. Bernhardt Blüthner, Salt Solutions


These days digital and personal services need to work hand in hand. This is also evident in intelligent dressing rooms as presented at the EuroCIS by Salt Solutions for example. Dr. Bernhardt Blüthner of SALT Solutions is excited to see the great interest of trade show visitors and looks ahead to EuroShop 2017.
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Photo: James Nutting

... James Nutting, Carrier Commercial Refrigeration Europe


Carrier Commercial Refrigeration Europe is optimizing the cold chain for the benefit of customer demands and environmental protection. Therefore, the company also trains its employees in a specially built training center. James Nutting, Director of Marketing, also reports on trends in refrigeration systems for supermarkets.
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Photo: Gunther Gamst

... Gunther Gamst, Daikin Airconditioning Germany


Sustainability is increasingly becoming a success factor for retail. Refrigeration and air conditioning technology can also contribute to sustainable management. The Conveni-Pack by Daikin combines air conditioning, heating, ventilation, normal and low-temperature refrigeration. CEO Gunther Gamst explains the advantages of the system and the development in terms of sustainability.
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Photo: Johannes Rave

... Johannes Rave, Wiesheu


Snacks and convenience foods are trendy. To meet this customer demand, retail needs intelligent solutions for baking products in the store. EuroShop exhibitor Wiesheu has been offering these types of solutions since 1973. Marketing Director Johannes Rave explains the current trends in in-store baking.
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Photo: Markus Schwitzke

... Markus Schwitzke, Schwitzke Graphics


"Storytelling" is the new buzzword in town, which lets stores gain an advantage over pure play online retailers. Schwitzke Graphics emphasizes this approach. In this interview, Markus Schwitzke talks about strong images, interactive options and competitive advantages.
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Photo: Stefan Grote

... Stefan Grote, Ansorg


Responding to the moods of the moment and saving energy simply with a tablet: Ansorg has developed a system that makes lighting control much easier for retailers. In this interview, Stefan Grote presents its advantages.
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