... Wolfgang Bastert, Barthelmess

Wolfgang Bastert, CEO of Barthelmess Group

1. What trends and developments do you see in Visual Merchandising?

Looking at the trends for the coming seasons, optical illusions and toying with mirrors, perspectives and illusions will characterise Visual Merchandising in Autumn and Winter 2011. In the new Barthelmess Trendbook, which we will also be bringing along to EuroShop, you can find the trend “Sensation” conjuring up a colourful and glitzy winter circus world in shop windows and stores.

Barthelmess sees two visual tendencies developing concurrently for the coming ten years: One is called Fast Line. Shoppers who want to buy fast and efficiently. Here the task of Visual Merchandising is to create clear orientation in the store in order to guide consumers to the merchandise they are looking for fast and conveniently.
The other trend we call the Slow Line sets the scene for a shopping experience and leisure activity. Deceleration is the buzzword here. Visual Merchandising creates a “feel-good” atmosphere and new worlds to discover time and again. Shopping comes with value added: Experience and recreation, entertainment and relaxation. In both areas the trend towards sustainability will prevail.

2. How important is EuroShop for Barthelmess?

EuroShop allows us to present our entire range of expertise to the sector, to all our regular customers and to potential new ones, too. Since not everyone has had the opportunity to visit our big showroom in Fürth, we will simply pack it up in big boxes and take it to Düsseldorf. There we will visualise how we instil our slogan and our claim “Better Visual Merchandising” with life. To us EuroShop is the perfect platform where we not only provide condensed information on our service portfolio and our approach but where we also want to convince with looks and emotions. Furthermore, we are already very much looking forward to exchanging ideas in person with our visitors.

3. What can trade visitors expect from you?

Trends and stimuli, store window designs with a knack, inspiring conversations and insights into the future of Visual Merchandising. At EuroShop we present our complete ranges, explain the way we work and advise our visitors on a wide variety of issues. We illustrate our sustainable ECO LINE, our catalogue-based product business and share how we can support our customers in individual Visual Merchandising projects from start to finish. We not only show visitors trends and concepts but also how we ensure the implementation of Visual Merchandising concepts on retail areas for global chain outlets – even directly out of Asia on request.