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Source: Volkmar Bloch
Volkmar Bloch, Product & Marketing Manager, Ingenico GmbH

1. Where do you see the major challenges for retail arising in terms of payment systems over the next few years, especially in view of the on-going globalisation trend?

In addition to the globalisation trend there will be a continued need to meet local requirements, especially in the debit segment. Solutions for hardware and transaction management that take SEPA as well as national specificities into account can only be realised comprehensively by big solutions providers.

2. New payment methods such as contactless payment via cell phone are being widely discussed at present. How do you rate the future opportunities of Mobile Payment and what timeline do you think is realistic for broad-based use in retail?

Contactless payment is very sure to come about because it has stood the test of time internationally and a wide range of card providers are installing these systems so there is competition. For 2011 we see a trend of investments in the relevant future-proof hardware with a view to supporting contactless payments which will be extended gradually. Cards are the tools we initially expect to mainly serve this purpose but our terminals are also prepared with NFC.

3. Your company has exhibited at EuroShop and EuroCIS for many years now. In your view what particularly sets these two trade fairs apart from other events?

The benefit of these trade fairs is that you meet all the relevant decision-makers associated with our technology and you do so over a short space of time in a compact area. Retailers also see this benefit, which means high-quality leads for us.