3 questions to … Tudor Andronic, Bizerba


They are in every supermarket: scales. The more stores a retailer needs to coordinate, the harder it is for him or her to adapt to new standards and update functions. Tudor Andronic, Director Global Retail Solutions at Bizerba explains how apps for weighing systems can provide assistance.

Photo: Tudor Andronic; copyright: Bizerba

Tudor Andronic is Director Global Retail Solutions at Bizerba; ©: Bizerba

Mr. Andronic, how adaptive do software solutions for weighing scales have to be today?

Retailers with many stores and weighing scales in different locations are challenged to stay on top of things and keep everything at the same level: the same configurations, release levels, and operating steps. That’s why it is crucial to be able to install, configure, monitor and maintain all applications on all devices from a central point without delays in the sales process. Another important aspect is a simple implementation in existing infrastructures and IT systems.

What role do novel app concepts play in this?

Apps make it possible to quickly and easily implement new functions that the market and customers expect. This is the only way retailers are able to promptly react to the latest developments. By using our RetailApps for weighing systems, you can flexibly expand and adapt functions of scales to suit individual needs, so that the management of origin data or orders can be directly carried out with the device.
The key advantage: thanks to apps, the devices adapt to the customer and not vice versa.

The EuroShop is fast approaching. What can we expect to see from Bizerba?

This year, we will address our guests on different levels and actively involve them in our development: the first level shows our current portfolio. Level 2 provides an initial outlook on what customers and our partners can expect in the next two to four years. This focuses on established terms and topics such as Industry 4.0, the Internet of things, predictive maintenance, a collaboration between different systems, availabilities, and services. With the third level, we invite visitors to help shape the future. Cue Retail 4.0: we take customers and partners on a journey to see the world as we think it will emerge – keywords here are mobile, virtual reality and robotics. We are excited to receive feedback from visitors about our booth and look forward to conversations with our guests. After all, we can only influence and shape the market together – and that’s ultimately exactly what the consumer expects.

Interview: Melanie Günther; EuroShop-tradefair.com