3 questions to … Timo Michalik, visuals united ag


No other area in a store is as underutilized as the floor itself. Meanwhile, great flooring can actually do more than just create a wonderful indoor ambiance. Photorealistic varieties can also highlight a product and boost sales. Timo Michalik, Executive Director of visuals united ag, explains what’s important.

Photo: Timo Michalik; copyright: visuals united ag

Timo Michalik is Executive Director of visuals united ag; ©: visuals united ag

Mr. Michalik, PVC and vinyl flooring were regarded as harmful and unattractive for quite some time. Yet by now, thermoplastic floors have proven to be very versatile: Which characteristics make them so interesting for storefitting?

Fortunately, the times when hazardous substances such as asbestos and formaldehyde were being used are long gone. For decades, approximately 20 million square meters of PVC flooring have annually been sold just in Germany alone. Right now, business with LVT flooring, the click lock vinyl version of PVC flooring, is booming. There are several reasons for this: on the one hand, it is a very durable material, extremely easy to clean and to install. Yet our patented FOTOBODEN™ adds another aspect to this and is simply a true visual highlight on the floor. It features a photorealistic printed design, is able to handle cleaning with cleaner machines and can also be used in a wide variety of applications. The fact that it’s repositionable and can be used again and again makes it ideal. Areas of up to 3 x 15m can be easily rolled out in one piece and fastened with double-sided adhesive tape. It doesn’t get any simpler than this.

How do PVC and other types of flooring help to boost sales at the store?

85 percent of all purchase decisions are made at the POS. Photorealistic flooring draws the customer’s attention straight to your product – despite the thousands of other offers in a store. This attention increases traffic and therefore also sales. As simple as that. Remember that every single product in the retail sector needs to fight for the customer’s attention. Our customers use FOTOBODEN™ for product placements, sales promotions and campaigns, special areas, shelf inserts or simply as decorations for Easter or Christmas.

Can you give us a little hint: Which (design) highlights are you going to present at EuroShop 2017?

We have something for everyone- thanks to 20 million types of floor designs. In fact, we will show visitors one solution that lets them significantly increase their product sales in retail. Whether it serves decoration or advertising purposes, a FOTOBODEN™ always generates traffic.  Sales increase when the product is convincing. That’s why our motto is: increase traffic – boost sales!

Visitors of EuroShop should know: you simply can’t get past a FOTOBODEN™. 2.000 m2 of FOTOBODEN™ will be installed at the trade fair: at the reception area of the North Entrance, featuring a Martian landscape in Hall 11/F02, a café by m+a report in Hall 4/E39, as the fastest shop window decoration in Hall 10/D21, and last but not least our booths in Hall 10/G78 and Hall 3/D82 and so much more. Just wait and see!

Interview: Melanie Günther; EuroShop-tradefair.com