3 questions to … Stephan Renkes, Oktalite


Light doesn’t just assist with visual perception, it also affects our well-being or performance. That is also why human centric lighting is becoming more and more interesting for the retail sector. Stephan Renkes, Director of R & D at Oktalite knows how employees, customers, and retailers can benefit from it.

Photo: Stephan Renkes; copyright: Oktalite

Stephan Renkes is Director of R&D at Oktalite; ©: Oktalite

Mr. Renkes, what lighting trends are you currently pursuing in visual merchandising?

Among other things, we are presently studying the possibilities of heat mapping and are determining the added value for our customers. This type of energy monitoring is an exciting service for retailers: the smart sensor technology in our lighting system tracks customer traffic in a space. In doing so, lighting technology will provide additional data in the future, which can be used to specifically direct customer paths and attention to certain products and areas.

Another important topic is visual merchandising in aisles of large sales areas such as food application. We are seeing a clear trend towards point light sources in this area – thus moving away from linear strip fixtures. Point light sources let us achieve more dynamic views and create depth. And all this without any negative impact on the energy budget.

Human centric lighting makes employees and consumers feel good. What effect does light have on physiological processes?

The right type of light at the right time helps to determine and balance our biorhythm. In order for artificial light to have a positive impact on people, lighting is modeled after the natural daylight. Certain cells in the eye ensure that dumping of the hormone melatonin is suppressed during the day through intense and cold light. When a person is awake and active, alertness and well-being are increased. At night, relaxation is boosted through reduced and warm lighting. The right balance between activation and relaxation ensures a long-term improvement in sleep quality and has a positive impact on your health. That’s why customers, employees, and retailers benefit equally from the non-visual effects of light.

The EuroShop 2017 is fast approaching: What can we expect from you?

Based on the slogan “Be our Highlight“, Oktalite will present the light concepts for tomorrow’s retail world in Hall 9, Booth A60. Our focus will be on topics such as light quality and lighting management, miniaturization as well as digitization in general. In addition, Oktalite is highlighting the human factor and integrating customer needs in LED retail lighting with human centric lighting. The effects of human centric lighting can be experienced at our booth with the help of practical examples.

Interview: Melanie Günther; EuroShop-tradefair.com