3 questions to ... Stefan Grote, Ansorg


Responding to the moods of the moment and saving energy simply with a tablet: Ansorg has developed a system that makes lighting control much easier for retailers. In this interview, Stefan Grote presents its advantages.

Bild: Stefan Grote; Copyright: Ansong

Stefan Grote; © Ansong

Lighting should be customized to support the store design and convey different moods. How does Ansorg respond to this request?

Ansorg lighting solutions generally offer a high level of flexibility, especially in terms of mobility, orientation and lighting distribution. The developments in brick-and-mortar retailing clearly show that the demands on light and lighting solutions have increased significantly, particularly when it comes to extensive controllability and quick changeability. From its position as a static and isolated part of store construction, lighting has long been a central element in the development of retail concepts. Aside from its range of flexible and universal products, Ansorg especially highlights conceptual lighting design for optimal product staging and thereby the success of retail concepts for its customers.

With its EASY lighting control system, Ansorg has developed a lighting tool that redefines the possibilities of product staging. EASY permits wireless control of all lighting sources in the salesroom in their light intensity and color rendering with a tablet. This makes it possible to create constantly changing lighting moods and experiences. The retailer can quickly and easily adapt lighting to changed conditions and program scenarios.

Energy is a big cost factor for retailers. EASY offers advantages in this area as well.

Of course, EASY also provides significant potential for energy savings. The EASY app’s timer and calendar function makes it possible to automatically play back lighting scenes and frequencies. Lighting can be adapted to the time of day and customer flow. This optimizes lighting and energy consumption.

How important is it for Ansorg to present at the EuroShop?

The EuroShop is the world’s most important public platform for presenting retail concepts and therefore extremely important to Ansorg. Aside from showcasing its product portfolio, Ansorg always highlights the conceptual approach to lighting design. Each visitor needs to experience and understand the impact optimal lighting has in the salesroom and see how Ansorg contributes to successful retail concepts.

Interview: Natascha Mörs; EuroShop.com