3 questions to … Simon Damböck, atelier damböck


The brand takes top priority: trade show booths of today look differently than they did even just a few short years ago. In this interview, Simon Damböck, Managing Director of the trade fair construction company atelier damböck talks about this fact and more. 

Bild: Simon Damböck; Copyright: atelier damböck

Simon Damböck, Managing Director; © atelier damböck

What trends do you currently notice in trade fair construction and design?

You clearly notice an internationalization that has also reached small and medium-sized enterprises. Many midsize companies increasingly showcase at international trade fairs; needless to say, their budgets can’t compare with those of the big players. This is where you need smart modular solutions. Certainly a neat challenge that also makes things interesting for us.

We also increasingly notice a mind shift in terms of product presentations at the booth. Whereas customers insisted on staging an intensive exhibit in the past, they now look for a great compromise – a professional moderately reduced presentation combined with brand messaging that receives the crucial room to grow. This is exactly the right mix for today.

Sustainability plays an increasing role when it comes to materials. How is this trend reflected in your work?

We have already consulted our clients on sustainable trade fair construction for many years by request. There are countless options specifically in the area of material selection but oftentimes a decision is ultimately made based on cost and the emphasis is put on conventional materials.

One great example of a sustainable alternative is flooring: some carpeting is made of different materials that can be separated again and are great for recycling. We also like to recommend the use of natural flooring such as sisal carpets or Tretford carpet tiles for example that can be individually replaced if needed.

EuroShop 2017 is approaching: what are your expectations for the trade fair and what might we expect from you?

We are obviously very anxious to see the new concept of the EuroShop. After decades of tremendous success, we are now looking forward to its new direction. We feel confident that EuroShop continues to be innovative and will be even more interesting and attractive – for both the exhibitors and visitors. We also want to look to the future and present amazing opportunities for the next years in the trade fair sector, complete with exciting installations and the prospect of trendsetting techniques.

Interview: Natascha Mörs; EuroShop.com