3 questions to ... Paul Davie, General Manager Asia, SI Retail


Paul Davie talks about the role the Chinese market plays for shopfitting and looks forward to the Chinese C-star exhibition in May 2016 where SI retail is going to present its products and services to engage with a wide range of exhibitors and visitors.

Bild: Paul Davie; Copyright: SI Retail

Paul Davie; © SI Retail

Mr. Davie, your company is active on an international scale. Which role plays the Chinese retail market in shopfitting and especially for your enterprise?

SI Retail is primarily active in Australia, China and the US. Business in China is very important to SI Retail, both as a supplier of quality, innovative manufacturing and as a user of SI Retail’s shopfitting solutions. We recognize that China is currently the second biggest economy in the world and over recent years this economy has grown at a consistent and extraordinary rate. SI Retail prides itself on our deep understanding of the Chinese market and we also have a comprehensive knowledge of global retail trends which we are able to rapidly incorporate in to the design and production of our products.

You are one of the C-star pioneers, because you exhibited already at the premier event of C-star in May 2015. What was your experience with this new retail trade show specifically geared to the Chinese market?

Exhibiting at C-star in 2015 was a very positive experience for SI Retail. It enabled us to connect with a broader cross-section of the Chinese market, to learn a great deal and gain a deeper perspective of retail needs in China. By engaging with a diverse range of exhibitors and visitors, we were able to recognize that our product innovation and services, are relevant and applicable to a wider market than previously targeted.

The feedback we received from visitors to C-star was very positive. Attendees were very impressed by the fusion of east and west expertise that SI Retail is able to offer. This expertise gives us the ability to provide a higher quality, affordable, cutting-edge product compared to our purely Chinese or purely Western-based counterparts.

Which focal themes can visitors expect to see at your C-star exhibition stand in May 2016? Will product innovations also be featured?

2016 for SI Retail is about creating the experience. Bringing the outside in, contrasting hard and soft elements, promoting touch and feel. Our offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Australia along with staff from nine different countries mean we bring global trends and sensibilities to our products. We blend Eastern and Western expertise, design and innovation to provide exceptional products and service that give us a leading edge in the global market. We will be promoting this incredible commercial advantage to the Chinese retailer at C-star 2016.

Interview: Natascha Mörs; EuroShop.com