3 questions to … Nick Crosbie, AirClad


Furniture that suit the needs at any time or any place: Pop up and mobile structures for exhibition construction and live events are becoming increasingly interesting. AirClad is one of those systems that can be used anywhere. Nick Crosbie, Creative Director at AirClad, provides an insight into the AIR-Lounge at EuroShop 2017.

Photo: Nick Crosbie; copyright: AirClad

Nick Crosbie is Creative Director at AirClad; ©: AirClad

What is the idea behind AirClad?

AirClad is an evolution of our Inflate range of pop up event structures. Initially we want to design a VIP structure system for high end event activations, but as the system has evolved we have found that the AirClad system takes the idea of mobile structures to a level where we challenge the notion where the temporary can become Architectural. We call this FastArchitecture a space where we deliver solutions and products off the shelf that can be used for one off events as well as being sited permanently. AirClad is designed as a fully modular system in scale and they are all 100 percent reusable over and over again.

How does it work?

The AirClad is a pressurized cladding and frame system which creates a tension between the aircells and the frame of the AirClad which in turn makes the whole structure rigid. All the forces are contained within the system which allows the AirClad systems to be used almost anywhere in the world without the need for ground fixing or ballast.

The AirClad system has been developed over the last years to offer a unique engaging design alongside its naturally enhanced structural qualities. This allows the AirClad to be used almost anywhere without the need for ground fixing or ballast. This is achieved by the pressurized cladding which in turn tensions the frame of the AirClad system which creates a rigid structure.

What can we expect from you at EuroShop?

There will be a special area called AIR-Lounge that will be organized by EuroShop and AirClad. The special exhibit’s motto is: slow down and be seated on Air, refresh yourself with some YumYum and have a Snooze around … Be blown away in a VR (Virtual) Holiday, all inspired by future fast architecture. We don’t want to give away too much at this point. Just stop by in Hall 5/ Booth E42 and relax in our Air-Lounge.

Interview: Melanie Günther; EuroShop-tradefair.com