3 questions to … Michael Ostertag-Henning, Schmidhuber Brand Experience


Hasty campaigns to promote brand appearance are the biggest pitfall for companies, says Michael Ostertag-Henning. In this short interview, he explains what really matters.

Bild: Michael Ostertag-Henning; Copyright: Schmidhbuber

Michael Ostertag-Henning, CEO at Schmidhuber Brand Experience; © Schmidhbuber

You design both trade fair presentations and store designs. What do today’s customers or trade fair visitors expect from a company’s brand presentation?

The primary objective of a trade fair presentation is content marketing: what does the brand represent and how do I benefit from it? For a while now, the focus has not been on presentation but rather on experiencing the brand and the product. The next big step is to become the opinion leader of your industry sector. The role of the trade fair presentation is still considered very valuable in the marketing mix. This is becoming even more important, especially for small and medium-sized businesses and the B2B sector because these industries have usually sold their products at trade fairs based on a competitive advantage. But since the opening of China’s markets, this is no longer possible in this way because there are now more competitors.

Companies need to maintain the trust of their customers and apply superordinate topics such as digitization for example to themselves and their industry sector. They should assist customers in developing new software solutions and link them to their products. They should ask themselves: what topics are relevant to my market? They present the answers to these questions to trade fair visitors to rise above the competition in a manner of speaking. This type of content marketing could also be the next step in retail.

In your opinion, what are the biggest mistakes made in brand presentation?

We are living in a vortex of agility. Changes in management and strategic decisions are increasing. And with it, so do decisions in brand management. I believe this creates a high potential for error since brand management has a lot to do with continuity. I notice that credibility dwindles even in the eyes of a company’s own employees if changes are made too quickly. The campaigns are actually not able to be successful before they are replaced by new ones.

EuroShop connects all levels that are relevant to brand presentation. Does the trade fair give you inspiration?

We gain insights into market developments at many different types of trade fairs. Needless to say, this also includes the EuroShop as a source of inspiration, especially as it also relates to spatial communication.

Interview: Natascha Mörs; EuroShop.com