3 questions to ... Michael Flögel, ELEKTRA GmbH


In times of LED lights there are ever more vivid and more flexible design possibilities for shop owners. ELEKTRA GmbH offers numerous lighting solutions. Michael Flögel, Sales Manager Object Shopfitting and Interior Design, describes more.

Bild: Michael Flögel; Copyright: ELEKTRA GmbH

Michael Flögel; © ELEKTRA GmbH

Mr. Flögel, you put special emphasis on the development and implementation of customized solutions for shopfitting. What lighting solutions are your current highlights for the point of sale?

A bakery surely is something different than a checkout area in fashion retail or a shop-in-shop system. This is why we can not name any particular highlights. The trend LED is being implemented more and more in all areas and has now completely arrived in shop lighting. Due to the special possibilities of LED there are constantly new ways to make shops more alive and flexible by the help of light and lighting. We work here with COB constant current technology.

How can retailers benefit from individual lighting concepts in their shop?

They can benefit from the best possible implementation of individual customer requirements with the new technology. This varies from simply replacing the same-sized LED lights to developing a completely new product. Many of our LED products are small and intricate but nonetheless have the same light output compared to fluorescent lights or halogen. Our service-oriented technical support to the shop fitting business helps retailers right from the start to find a solution, where all parameters such as cost, maintenance cycles, durability and energy efficiency are included.

What role does the presentation at EuroShop play for ELEKTRA?

At EuroShop we present our standard products which have already been proven in many projects as well as in the furniture sector. We show our new products and offer our technological expertise with in-house development and construction. EuroShop is an international platform to raise awareness for our expertise. We reach many of our existing customers there and of course talk with important interested parties from all areas of the object and store design. At the same time, we can get an overview of the developments in the market ourselves.

Interview: Natascha Mörs; EuroShop.com