3 questions to … Meng Jia, Saneboon


The right door to the store: Depending on the size and the concept of the shop, retailers can choose from a wide range of entrance options today. A brief insight is given by Meng Jia of Saneboon.

Photo: Meng Jia; copyright: Saneboon

Meng Jia, General Manager of Saneboon (Beijing) Autodoor; © Saneboon

Mr. Jeng, sliding doors, swinging doors, revolving doors or folding doors: What makes the difference in retail?

In retail business, there is no particular principle or rule governing the selection of entrance doors to retail stores. In actual practice, one must make diligent analysis of the store size, location, local climate as well as the customer habits, among other factors, in order to finalize on the suitable type of doors.

What do retailers have to consider in general when choosing the right door? 

Medium and small sized retail stores shall consider five aspects when they choose which type of door to use. First of all, as most of the stores only have one access, the entrance door must be reliable and durable so as to avoid occurrence of any failure that can disrupt customer flow and ultimately the business. Secondly, automatic doors are easy and comfortable to use. However, they shall be equipped with a thorough safety protection system that prevents customers including children and the elderly, or even pets from getting trapped or hurt.

Thirdly, in the case of single access into the store, we should cater for the need of a wide entrance design that functions as both an emergency exit and the access for moving large objects. Fourthly, energy efficiency is always a concern of retail stores, especially in very cold or hot regions, as the operational costs are directly related to the energy consumption of air conditioners in the store. Thus, entrance doors shall offer various functions for different weather conditions. Last but not the least, the door should have an aesthetic appearance as it can strongly impress customers. GATESTAR series are designed and manufactured on the basis of the five aspects.  

Which novelties are you going to present to EuroShop and C-star visitors in 2017? 

Saneboon dedicates a business unit and a research team for the door sector. We develop personalized products as according to specific demand of retail stores. For example, the contactless automatic door to the toilet inside the store ensures complete hygiene in the space. Unstaffed retail stores may be an important option in the future for the retail industry. When the automatic door realizes the function of "no pay no opening", it can take up the role of a cashier, and consequently helps operate the store 24-hour at a low cost.

We will showcase the new door systems of Saneboon to more retailers and industry professionals from both home and abroad through EUROSHOP and C-STAR, and look forward to our discussion and exchanges on the topic. We hope to tailor-make door solutions for VIP retailers and their stores. Best wishes to EUROSHOP and C-STAR for more successful years. We hope that both trade fairs can continue serving as a comprehensive, pragmatic and convenient  platform for the retail industry.

Interview: Melanie Günther; EuroShop.de