3 questions to ... Markus Schwitzke, Schwitzke Graphics


"Storytelling" is the new buzzword in town, which lets stores gain an advantage over pure play online retailers. Schwitzke Graphics emphasizes this approach. In this interview, Markus Schwitzke talks about strong images, interactive options and competitive advantages.

Bild: Markus Schwitzke; Copyright: Schwitzke GmbH

Markus Schwitzke; © Schwitzke GmbH

Mr. Schwitzke, you believe a brand should transport stories all the way into the store design. What elements do you use to accomplish this at Schwitzke Graphics?

First, we look at the identity of the brand and answer questions such as "who are you and what do you stand for"? Why should the customer come to you? We then define, develop and tell the brand’s story, but in a way that is relevant to the consumer and across all communication channels. We create powerful images that inspire positive associations and are unmistakably connected to the brand image. Starting with graphic components to design language all the way to interactive options - ultimately, everything needs to fuse into one harmonious, coherent overall picture to persuade and not confuse the customer.

What am I able to achieve with an integrative concept as a retailer?

For starters, a retailer needs to consistently communicate externally what he stands for. His position and brand equity need to register with the consumer. This results in a clear competitive advantage. The brand distinguishes itself from the competition; customers turn into fans.

To get the customer into the store, you utilize all areas of the shop –starting with floor material to walls featuring digital technologies. From your point of view, how does EuroShop selection reflect these aspects?

EuroShop selection reflects trends in multiple product and service aspects. The visitor’s challenge is to make the right choice. The manufacturers frequently tend to present their entire portfolio. The core concern however is the added value for the customer. And when it comes to technical gimmicks, what benefit do they offer consumers? This question is often not sufficiently deliberated. In an international comparison, EuroShop undoubtedly offers the best choices for all aspects of the retail industry.

Interview: Natascha Mörs; EuroShop.com