... Kai Adolph

Source: InterCard
Kai Adolph, CEO InterCard AG

1. Where do you see the greatest challenges for retail over the next few years in relation to payment systems, especially with regard to the continuing trend towards internationalization?

For us the greatest challenges facing retail in the area of payment systems are posed by the new requirements placed on the retailers and their service-providers through PCI DSS, data protection and changed competitive conditions for new Interchange regulations.

2. New payment systems such as contact-free payment using mobile phones are currently the subject of much discussion. How do you assess the future opportunities for Mobile Payment and which time frame do you regard as realistic for its broad application in retail?

Mobile Payment is extremely interesting and we are following the theme very closely. In Europe it will however tend to complement card-based payment in retail in the medium term rather than replace it.

3. Your company has already been exhibiting at EuroShop and EuroCIS for many years. What are the special characteristics of these fairs for you?

Both EuroCIS as well as EuroShop are characterized by a high focus on competent, expert trade visitors from retail. We also want to address this visitor group in the long term with our services and therefore view both fairs as an excellent platform.