3 questions to ... Johannes Rave, Wiesheu


Snacks and convenience foods are trendy. To meet this customer demand, retail needs intelligent solutions for baking products in the store. EuroShop exhibitor Wiesheu has been offering these types of solutions since 1973. Marketing Director Johannes Rave explains the current trends in in-store baking.

Bild: Johannes Rave; Copyright: Wiesheu GmbH

Johannes Rave; © Wiesheu GmbH

Mr. Rave, what exactly are the current trends in in-store baking?

Customer demands for chain stores are increasing: a greater selection, different ways of presenting the snacks and a quick changeover of products are on the wish lists of consumers today. This is why the different phases of day-to-day business need to be supplied with the appropriate bakery products and snacks, and not just in busy urban areas.

The Dibas C64 baking oven you first introduced last year has several additional options. Why is it particularly suited for chain stores?

Undoubtedly, the Dibas 64 C cooking capabilities put it at the current center of attention. It opens up new market possibilities for customers and enables expansion of the product selection beyond mere pastries into the attractive sector of snacks, healthy cuisine and plated meals. The combination of the WIESHEU control system with an active cascade is essential for this. It makes it possible to use steam in different ways and very distinctively during the cooking process.

Besides the EuroShop, you also showcase at several other trade fairs focusing on the subject of "baking". How important is the EuroShop as a retail trade fair for your company?

The EuroShop is a very important trade fair for us. Here we don’t expect very many yet more important customers and business partners for our company.

Interview: Daniel Stöter; EuroShop.com