3 questions to … Jean Marc Mesguich, Window France


Adaptable like a chameleon: this is what mannequins can look like today. Jean Marc Mesguich, CEO of Window France, explains how manufacturers of mannequins can implement this trend with state-of-the-art 3D technology.

Photo: Jean Marc Mesguich; copyright: Window France

Jean Marc Mesguich, CEO at Window France; © Window France

Why are your mannequins with removable eyes and lips relevant for retailers?

As street retail stores battle to gain the public’s attention against both online and street competition, the need to give perpetual impact to their stores is more and more important.

The Cameleon mannequin with its removable eyes, lips and faces is an exclusive concept of Window France and allows brands to give new energy to their displays on a permanent basis. They can change colours and feel by season or by collection or even change from abstract to realistic at the drop of a hat. The Cameleon mannequin plays an essential part in the seduction process. More than 70 000 different looks are possible with the current choice of accessories and more will be coming for EuroShop 2017.

What do you think will make the mannequin world interesting in the next years?

We are at the edge of a period of change. Brands are getting tired of the anonymous egghead mannequin that has dominated the market over the last few years. So the end of the tunnel is in sight. We are already seeing that brands really want to create a statement with more personality to allow them to stand out in the crowd. This is therefore an exciting period for us and our profession. It allows both the brands and us to express our creativity and this is the spice of life for mannequin creators and store designers alike. It will lead to more inspiring displays. A mannequin can be a fun thing to play within a design theme.

Visible change has become an obligation for stores in the street to sustain the public’s interest and with change comes creativity. Although this movement is already on its way, the real race will start when a big leading brand breaks away from the mould.

Which novelties or specialties are you going to present to EuroShop’s visitors in 2017?

We will be offering solutions for top brands to ‘break the mould’, solutions that are intended to change the face of mannequin design. This may sound a little revolutionary, but we have been busy over the last year preparing a new process involving the very latest 3D technology that we consider to be quite simply the future of making mannequins. It is very benefiting for us to expose this exciting evolution in a major show such as EuroShop. Brands with a curious mind are invited to ‘take a closer look into the future’ in our company.

Interview: Natascha Mörs; EuroShop-tradefair.com