3 questions to … Huzefa S. Merchant, INSYNC Shop Fittings


Brick and mortar isn’t going away. But on the other hand, it must transform to rock the market. Huzefa S. Merchant, founder and CEO of INSYNC Retail Project Management Ltd. explains how the integration of digital technology is driving the change of shop fitting in 2017.

Photo: Huzefa S. Merchant; copyright: INSYNC Shop Fittings

Huzefa S. Merchant is founder and CEO of INSYNC Retail Project Management Ltd.; ©: INSYNC Shop Fittings

Mr. Merchant, with your latest product launch you want to transform brick and mortar into click and mortar. In your opinion, why is this a necessary process?

As per a recent study by PWC, the top three things that matter to shoppers today are product information, the ability to view a brand’s complete portfolio at once and easier checkouts. All the three are hallmarks of online retailers. The sensory stimuli provided by brick & mortar when complimented by the convenience, practicality and efficiency of digital retail, is a potent formula for retail success. That’s why “click and mortar” is not only relevant for retailers today, it could mean the difference between survival and extinction.

How will the integration of digital technology into shop fitting influence the growth of omnichannel retail?

Convenience is key to driving any change! By integrating touch screens and shopping apps at the real point of sale, the shelf where the merchandise is displayed will provide more convenience to the shopper as compared to wall mounted or kiosk mounted display screens. These screens run apps that can integrate online and offline offering from a brand, provide product information and real time offers, capture and analyze shopping trends and provide retailers with relevant data regarding the shopping trends of each individual store location. They assist customers in web rooming but now from within the store itself, and even purchasing at the shelf where the product is displayed, allowing shoppers to view their existing carts or adding new products from the store to a shopping cart that can be accessed later, thus providing them with the flexibility of both click and pick or even buy in store and get at home. Improving the overall shopping experience by integrating the online with the offline. Our Powered Shop fitting technology allows retail designers and planners the ability to create “click & mortar” environments that are agile and dynamic, like the SMART SHOPPERS that they’re built to entice.

Why should visitors stop by your booth at EuroShop 2017?

Retailers and retail designers today are working very diligently to create a new generation of stores for a new breed of shoppers. We have focused our efforts on the one thing that matters most in retail: "converting browsers into buyers." Our Shop Fitting technology brings the POS to the real point of sale, The Rack! Shelves embedded with LED lighting, provide light where it matters most. Eliminating the shadows projected by the shoppers own body as a result of the light coming from ceiling mounted lamps that throw light behind the shopper. Improving merchandise presentation as well as increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of in-store lighting. By enabling scanning of merchandise and a technique to power up touch screen technology we also assist in data capturing at every shelf, in turn increasing operational efficiency while reducing the cost of each sale, at the same time. Isn’t that just great!

Interview: Melanie Günther; EuroShop-tradefair.com