3 questions to ... Cor Monteban, Hans Boodt Mannequins


Changeable faces in variable places – shop owners looking for mannequins have to consider the choice between more realistic or more abstract ones. Cor Monteban from Hans Boodt Mannequins explains the advantages of each type on EuroShop.de.

Bild: Cor Monteban; Copyright: Hans Boodt Mannequins

Cor Monteban; © Hans Boodt Mannequins

Mr. Monteban, it seems like one could sit next to one of your mannequins without even realizing that this figure does not even breath at all. How do you achieve this realistic effect?

We realize this effect by using real models. From this we sculpt the mannequin from clay with our sculptor to improve it and to make it even better than the real model. We shape the body to make a perfect fit for the clothing of our customer and to give it an even more real energy. But we are careful: We still make them doll-like because it can be quite scary if a mannequin is to real - think of Madame Tussauds.

Another side of your collection is quite more abstract. What is the advantage of changeable faces?

First of all, abstract faces have the purpose to serve the demand and development of the market. Since the market is not targeting for traditional target groups but for lifestyle and just in time contemporary products the need of a realistic face is faded away. Then, the retailer needs to have the right product for the right price and it does not matter if you, your cousin or your mother buy it.

The strength of changeable faces is the dream of every visual merchandiser, window dresser or concept designer. You can change the look of your store or window instantly. The maximal strength is achieved when you use the possibility along your retail year calendar and use different faces. For example in themes, special projects or even for sales. Think about when painting the face shield red with a percentage sign on it: You are in sale mode in five minutes!

While presenting your latest innovations on EuroShop 2014 what were the most surprising reactions of visitors?

We are overwhelmed with good reaction during EuroShop from "Ahhh, what a great product!" and "Wow, this is possible and available!". But also sentence like "Great coffee!" and "What a fantastic new line of efficient closures and fittings from our patented Flexfit program!". But most reactions were "What a great creative company with great people, great products and great creativity!".

Interview: Natascha Mörs; EuroShop.com