3 questions to ... Angela Kreutz, Blocher Blocher Partners


Store design may no longer just be arbitrary, but must convey the brand, allow identification and have a familiarity effect. Angela Kreutz, Head of Communication at Blocher Blocher Partners, explains how the company understands retail identity.

Bild: Angela Kreutz; Copyright: Blocher Blocher Partners

Angela Kreutz; © Blocher Blocher Partners

You offer one-stop service for shop projects. Especially the combination of architecture and interior design is very important to you. Why is this overall concept so attractive particularly in the area of store design?

The overall concept is particularly important in retail, because it is all about making the corporate message identifiable at all levels. We also call this retail identity. This starts with architecture and interior design, but just as well includes corporate design, retail graphics, guidance and signage systems, visual merchandising and decoration, publishing and the combination of online and offline communication.

We provide these services along with our communication agency Blocher Blocher View. Differentiating a brand against the competition and clearly appealing to a target audience can only succeed by using this global approach.

Modehaus Garhammer (Fashion Boutique Garhammer) has been nominated as one of the Stores of the Year and received the Sous Award. What makes this object so attractive?

Can I tell you in just three words? People, ambience, service. Garhammer is an innovative company that is in touch with its customers and has an open ear for their needs. The company’s own expectations are subsequently high – and therefore also the expectations in what it wants to offer its customers. Garhammer knows that you need to invest to accomplish this and consequently chooses quality.

Blocher Blocher Partners celebrate their 25th anniversary this year. What visions do you have when it comes to future store design?

Store design should not be random, it should tell the story of a brand to become a part of brand identity – this is more important than ever in the online age. It will also be a significant formula for success in the future. After all, these days, brands address customers on all channels and every touchpoint. The retailer is service provider, consultant and friend all in one – this should also be reflected in the store.

Various points of contact for customers, interfaces with the digital world and settings have become leading factors. At the same time, convenience and visibility also play their part. When customers go shopping, they invest their valuable free time. And it should not be wasted.

Another small question on the side: How have you presented yourself at the EuroShop 2014 this year and how was the trade fair for you?

EuroShop has met our expectations. We had great conversations, welcomed interesting guests at our booth and discovered many innovations.

Interview: Natascha Mörs; EuroShop.com